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WordPress SEO for SEO Specialists video lesson shows how to optimize images this is an ADVANCED tutorial for SEO experts optimizing WordPress site images (blog or WooCommerce) images play an important role for any type of website. This video will show you core concepts and using Photoshop to fully optimize images including reducing file size and keeping a great quality.

To learn more about image publishing guidelines visit:

This How to SEO WordPress site related video details:
Googel PageSpeed Insights usage
Image file name for higher Google rankings
What to consider when thinking about page load times
Image alt text best practices
WordPress functions to echo enqueued scripts

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  1. Pina Germano says:

    Excellent info thanks for all the details Tolga

  2. Mark Purol says:

    Might not want to see this comment..
    But I’m curious, for those of us who don’t have Adobe (or comparable programs).
    How do we edit the image information without using software? Is there a way to edit that information to the extent that Adobe allows without software?
    Thanks for your dedication to this Tolga, many people myself included appreciate this!

    • RankYa says:

      Then the next best option is do this, do use #Google PageSpeed Insights, download the images. Right Click > Rename to be Optimized > Save. Then, Right Click > Properties > Details > (at least populate) Description (and Origin > Author) > Save (then your images will be optimized better than almost 90% other websites. (since you’ve been with RankYa for a while) the expert advice I can provide to RankYa fans is this: whatever images, on whatever page/post/product ASK and ANSWER THIS QUESTION = which keywords you are targeting? and thus, optimize the image for that URL accordingly. For example:

      ( am going to rank this page number #1 (as soon as I finish up the projects I am working on)) so lets take a look at these two images

      lets remove the – hyphens? Google Search Console *Index Coverage Report* UI (alt is the same) title attribute = Shows Google Search Console Index Coverage Report User Interface screenshot

      lets remove the – hyphens? WordPress Post Setting for *noindex*

      No need to spam Google like other SEO’s, but, guide it using *individual keywords* because that’s what Google does *rank on individual keywords* numero uno, just 1, not 2 not 3 just 1

      So thus, think *how can I include that just 1 keyword on my Page/Product* whatever is on that page (h1 h2 etc. images/videos/pdf’s) = whatever is digital = content. Knowing that Google is limited in its ability to evaluate, it only has HTML and links to work out “hey for this keyword which URL is ideal?” and it does that through evaluating *Words*

      *So image optimization is a must because its surely on ALL websites, also, its a different content type (this is important to remember here) that means it can be used by website owners to RE-enforce other keywords*

      *Top Google rankings are very easy with RankYa* don’t you think?

  3. Slainiae says:

    Master class.

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