What is SEO And How To Optimize Your Article for SEO in 2017

How To Rank YouTube Videos.
Hi Guys! Today I’m going to reveal the secrets that how to rank YouTube Videos easily in Urdu & Hindi. One of the best ways to get more views on your YouTube videos and grow your channel is to optimize your video. This is called Video SEO or YouTube SEO. Basically, you are getting your video to come up higher in the search results for popular keywords and topics.
Once your video is ranked you start getting a lot more views because your video will come up on the first page of YouTube for your specific keyword. The best part is that this happens on a daily basis meaning you will be getting your videos seen every single day by new viewers over and over.
Many people on YouTube suffer from getting views on YouTube because they make many mistakes while uploading their video on YouTube. In this video I will tell you complete information that how you optimize your video using video SEO. When you upload video on YouTube you have to write the title as people search on YouTube. Write video description about 200-500 words using your main keywords that you want to rank on YouTube.
You also have to share your video on social media. Share your video on popular social media like face book, twitter, Google+. You also have to embed your videos on your website; in this way you will get more views through your website and also from YouTube. Follow the strategies shown in this video and I’m sure you will rank your videos easily.

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