What is DA n PA? Ranking SEO Factors I How to Increase Fastly DA n PA

What is DA n PA? Ranking SEO Factors I How to Increase Fastly DA n PA
There is Google PageRank and there is Domain Rating (also known as Domain Authority or Domain Rank).

This Google Search Console guide will tell you which one should you focus on.

Google PageRank was created by one of Google’s founders, Larry Page.

The issue with PageRank is that it doesn’t get updated often. For that reason, you shouldn’t focus on it.

Domain Rating, on the other hand, gets updated frequently by Ahrefs.com. As it increases it is a good indicator that your search traffic is going to go up.

What’ll you also notice is that as your Domain Rating goes up you’ll see over time that your total number of search impressions in Google Search Console will go up.

As your impression count goes up you’ll notice that your click count will go up.

Although SEO takes six months to kick in, you’ll see if things are working once your Domain Rating and impression count increase within Google Search Console.

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