Top 14 Google SEO Ranking Factors – That will get you #1 In Google Search Results!

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Welcome to the :
” Top 14 Google SEO Ranking Factors – That will get you #1 In Google Search Results! ” Video I think you guys are going to find this video both educational and extremely profitable!!!

So let’s be clear about a few things here are my 14 Google Seo Rank Factors That I Mentioned That I think are the most important:

So in the video, we mentioned why these google ranking factors are important! Google wants to rank you in search for a keyword! Remember that these ranking factors are just that!
RANKING FACTORS for google – they aren’t make or breaks! Basically what I mean by that is you don’t have to be 100% perfect on a single factor but you have to put your effort on each of these ranking factors, at the end of the day that’s how you rank on google! Google wants to find what domain fits best with a searched keyword.
Basically, each google ranking factor is responsible for a small piece of how you rank and in what google rank position you fit in! So your job as an SEO expert is to make sure you put your best effort in to yield the highest SEO ranking, remember that SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION not search engine perfection! So take your time, and take it one step at a time and work on your optimization one search engine ranking factor at a time!

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  1. Eunice CarCare says:

    So im a little confused are you saying that you make a bunch of websites every moth to make money?

    • Prime Brainz says:

      hey thanks so much for the comment! I havent seen you comment before so welcome! Basically what i do which is one of my few revenue streams is i pick 10-15 categories a month, each of these categories or niches will have a website topic, and each of these websites create passive income, *** well they should at least create some kind of income, some better than others, i take those websites that provide the least income and then i sell them the ones that i like or want to keep ,i keep!

  2. Cody Holleran says:

    Great video once again!

  3. Denis Fang says:

    Thank you for that Shoutout bro! D FANG F150 😂🔥

  4. Denis Fang says:

    “404 errors all day” 😄 that part was too funny. Humour and important info in this video!

    I heard that it takes about 4 weeks for Google to index your site in the search engine. Would there be a way it index it sooner or is it better to naturally let it do its thing.

    Would you be able to make a video on the best WordPress themes or ones that are lower priced?

    • Prime Brainz says:

      @Denis Fang you definitely dont have to buy reviews ill make a video on how to make money, affiliate deals etc..

    • Denis Fang says:

      Prime Brainz for a moment I was confused because I though I would’ve had to buy every studio mic out there because I saw on your Cubic Zirconia Reviews Channel that you had all the physical Jewelry and rings in the videos. The shine on those rings were Crazy!!

    • Prime Brainz says:

      @Denis Fang ya man! thats perfect! remember its all about creativity, i mentioned before how the variable to success in anything ( simply thats what i personally believe ), for you writing those reviews are a way of creativity! Good going man!

    • Denis Fang says:

      Prime Brainz true. Yo I just remembered that I was going to do studio microphone reviews. Would I have to buy a bunch of microphones, test every one individually or could I review them with information that I find online and in YouTube videos. I was planning to do written reviews on my site. Would written reviews be ok?

    • Prime Brainz says:

      absolutely ill make a video on that for you! Google indexing for me takes no longer than a week, but just because its indexing doesn’t mean you will rank profitability, unfortunately with indexing all it means is it pops up in search results, but that could be page 500 on results!