Small SEO Mistake With BIG Consequences | How To Do SEO 2019

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On-page SEO is often the first thing that web designers, business owners, and aspiring digital marketers learn. After all, it does form the basis of the websites search engine marketing.

But, often times, web designers can get sloppy, or business owners like the particular look of unconventional designs. Veteran SEOs can get lazy, and rookie SEOs might miss the forest for the trees.

When this happens, things can fall through the cracks, and basic SEO best practices can be missed or ignored.

Often times, this can have disastrous consequences.

I searched for a particular service, and noticed a textbook case of on-page SEO gone wrong. This small mistake had big consequences for this company.

Properly using H1 tags should be easy. 1 per page, use your keyword. Google needs this to understand what the content of a page is about.

When the H1 tag is missing, or misused, it can me the difference between landing at the top of the first page, or the bottom.

I made this SEO tutorial not just to show you how to do SEO, but also what happens when you do it wrong, and how your site (or your client’s site) can suffer because of it. This is especially important for local seo and lead generation seo.


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