Shopify SEO Basics 2019 | 5 Tips to Improve Your Shopify Site’s SEO & Improve Page Speed

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In today’s video I wanted to share 5 very easy, very basic, beginner tips for Shopify SEO.

One thing about Shopify is it’s somewhat limited in how much you can do SEO wise. There’s no upgrading to better or faster hosting, your somewhat limited by what you can do on page, however here are 5 easy tips anyone can do that can greatly improve your Shopify site’s page load speed as well as how high you rank in search engines.

Watch the whole video to get all 5 tips.


  1. Shane Hummus says:

    Basic SEO is what the local business that I searched on used. Its very effective, they get faster results and a lot of exposure.

  2. Veola says:

    I just started using Shopify and your tips are extremely helpful. Please make more videos about this topic.