SEO Techniques: A Guide to Higher Website Traffic

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Researching a paper for school, searching for online solutions or even asking answers to random questions out of curiosity: these are all examples of why search engines have become such a big deal in our lives. Whether it is Google, Bing, yahoo or some other search engine, we have to admit that search engines have made our lives much easier. With the rise of search engines, companies, businesses and other commercial entities have attempted to exploit search engines for profit using certain SEO Techniques. In order to understand these SEO techniques, we must answer three pivotal questions: How do search engines work? What is search engine optimization? And what are some of the SEO techniques that can be used to boost visibility on search engines?

What Are Search Engines and How Do They Work?
Search engines are simply codes or software designed to search for documents based on user inquiries from the internet. They deploy certain algorithms to display the most relevant results. Basic inquiries reveal an index list of documents or web pages that best match the entered user queries. Search engines index and save countless amounts of documents and keep records of almost all articles available on the world wide web. The most important aspect or job of a search engine is collecting, analyzing and properly sorting the search results to the end users. The most successful search engines display results accurately and in a timely manner.

How do search engines work exactly? Search engines make use of software called web crawler or “spiders.” These coded programs browse the internet to store information about accessed web pages. When a spider visits a webpage, it copies its URL (Uniform Resource locator) which is the term colloquially know as a website address. After copying the URL, search engines add the address to what is known as an index list, allowing faster access for future users. Web Crawlers or spiders continuously surf the internet, copying and indexing different web pages, this is how search engines come up with results in no time.

Relevance and popularity of a web page are what determine its location on the list of results. But what exactly determines the popularity of a webpage? Simply, search engines use mathematical algorithm to determine the relevance between the users’ inquiry and the revealed web pages. These pages are then sorted by popularity or relevance.

One of the algorithms most commonly known is “PageRank.” PageRank works by sorting results depending on popularity. The more links that point to a certain webpage, the more likely that same webpage will appear among the top results. Web sites that appear on the first page of the result list are what PageRank think is most relevant to user inquiries.

Not all Search engines use the same algorithm though. Searching for keywords on one search engine will display results in different order than other search engines.

An example of how most users search or browse results for certain queries in 4 steps:

The average internet user looks up an inquiry
The query is then transformed into a code the software can understand
The search engine employs its own algorithm and generates results based on relevancy of keywords.
The user then browses titles, snippets or URLs until he/she finds answers to their previous inquiry

SEO Techniques
Search engine optimization techniques are practices that help boost the visibility of your website. Search engines work by posting results on the SERP (search engine results page) sorted by relevance. The relevance is based on a set of algorithms that help find and deliver the most pertinent web pages for the end user. Small businesses tend to opt for these SEO techniques because they are considered to be cheap or no cost advertisement. Since the number of internet users rarely go past the first page, it is essential to have your business appear among the first few results. So what are the types SEO techniques and how can you boost your online traffic?

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