SEO Basics For Local Businesses – Start With Your Website Link

Local Search Engine Optimization can be a long, complicated process. But often times, businesses overlook the simple things that are easy to fix.

Google has come out with some changes, some of which involve online security. In order for your website to be compliant with these changes, it’s important to upgrade the security of your website in order to provide what Google is interested in most: “a good user experience.

Indirectly related to online securrity is another topic that is often overlooked, and that is selecting and then setting the domain setting you want the search engines to use for your website. Specifically, this is setting your domain to “www” or “non-www”, often symbolized by “*”.

Search engines see each of the above as two different versions of the same website. When you select and chose the desired version, which can be done in Google Console (formerly called Google Webmaster) you should notice a pretty decent increase in your rankings in search results.

Check out the video for more details and information.

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