Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bangla Tutorial – How to Create SEO Friendly URL Structure

Search Engine Optimization SEO Bangla Tutorial – How to Create SEO Friendly URL structure Step by step process.

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URL is one of the best on page ranking factor. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. That’s mean it define where your file or web page is located on the server. it helps search engine to understand where this page is located.

There are several things that help can help you to create a search engine friendly URL.

Keep URL structure simple: simple URL structure can help search engine to understand what your page is all about. And long URL structure confuses the search engine.

Use “-” Instead of “_”: it is better if you use – instead of “_”. Because search engine read ” – ” as space.

Make URL Readable: URL should be readable. it is important for e-commerce most of the time e-commerce site ignore URL structure.

All URLs must be in lower case: Never use a capital letter in URL always use lower case in the URL.

Don’t include unnecessary words: unnecessary words mean Or, a, an, it, Avoid this word in the URL.

Use your main focusing keyword in your URL: always use your main focusing keyword in the URL.

Do not use any punctuation
, ‘’ 😕

Avoid keyword stuffing: it can heart your ranking.
Use a single domain or sub domain

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