PICKS. Youtube and SEO

So I love Youtube and if you’ve been binging long enough to be scraping the barrel and hitting my content you probably do too. It is however, or at least it was till a week ago, a mistery how SEO works.

So do yourselves a fovour and have a look at some of these things that I’m throwing out there in this episode of Picks. I decided to focus on Youtube and SEO because I spoke to Cat Crawford who is a bit of an expert on the subject as well as Kat Horrocks who has been a Youtuber for almost longer than she has been alive it would seem. jk

So what you get from me today is:

Youtube: Gary Vee
Jab jab jab Right Hook:
Crushing it:
Book: Stream Punks
App: KeyWords Everywhere
Article: How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel
Purchase: We Blog North membership

This is my ever EVOLVING kit for making Youtube Content:

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Website: www.thepublishedimage.com/

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