Orlando SEO Podcast: India SEO Scam Company Buy Beware of Spam Scams Like India SEO Algoritz.com

Companies like this Algoritz.com are scams from India pawning them off as USA based companies with fake names and fake results. Saying NDA for clients. It’s all one big scam to get you to send money outside the USA. There is no jurisdiction between US and India once your payment is sent to another Country you have no legal way to get it back. You are screwed. Never do business with India SEO Scam companies. You need to work with legit company that have relationships with actual legit people in India that know what they are doing. If you are sick of being bombarded with Spammy scam SEO emails from India, give this video alike, please. If you are an India SEO scam company, please leave a comment below in your fake USA name.

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