My 15 All-Time BEST SEO Tips (That Get Results)

In this video you’ll see 15 of my best SEO tips. So if you want to get higher rankings in Google, you’ll love the actionable techniques in this video.

With that, here’s a preview of what I cover in today’s video.

First, I show you how to optimize your URLs the right way. Industry studies show that your URLs make a big difference in your Google rankings.

Next, you get to see two untapped resources for finding untapped keyword ideas.

Now that you’ve found a keyword, I go into two SEO tips to help you create SEO-optimized content around that keyword. Specifically, I show you real-life examples of how I rank #1 in Google for some super-competitive keywords.

Then, it’s time for link building. Yup, backlinks are still a big part of Google’s algorithm. And I show you one of my favorite link building strategies towards the end of this video.

And along the way I’ll show you a bunch of advanced SEO tactics and techniques… plus real-life examples of each tip in action.

In short, you’ll get access to a bunch of SEO tips that you can (literally) implement today.

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  1. rodneydean44 says:

    Great info again Brian, I’ll be using several of these, thanks so much!

  2. H Paul says:

    Brian, you are amazing, you are the Einstein of the SEO!

  3. says:

    Thanks Brian! Re the tip for finding video keywords, got a puzzle for you. Let’s say my video is doing pretty well on YouTube (#2 result for a search term). Now for that same search term on Google, Google is recommending 2 videos on the front page. No surprise, the first recommendation is the #1 youtube search result. But the second video on Google isn’t even on the first page of youtube search results. In fact, when I click on the video tab of the Google search result, my video isn’t even on the 1st page (even though it is #2 on YouTube). Will my video float to the top of Google search results or there’s something else going on? TIA!
    Best regards,

  4. Sachin Khanna says:

    Hii Brain,
    Like all other posts, videos on backlinko or youtube this is an awesome one. Also I re-read your awesome link building guide with co-authored with neil patel on quicksprout. I do backhat but I hate it. Because my sites don’t last long.

    You are an inspiration for me all (except backhat SEOs) seo community to encourage white hat link building. I know you love experimenting. But I want to let you know that I am doing some (advanced) experiments (only advanced). And I would love to share with.

    Sachin Khanna

  5. RSViral says:

    After long time, you back with Wow video.
    I would like to use numbers on my H1.
    I got almost everything.
    Love you bro.

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