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Michigan SEO Expert – Get Your Business Noticed On The Web

SEO – search engine optimization

We put companies like yours all over search engines like google, yahoo and bing and in social media sites. Basically every corner of the web. In short, I make businesses like yours easy to find so you get more customers, contacts, and business… I have been doing this for businesses since 2001.

There are many copycat guys out there who claim to do the same kind of work I do… But unlike those other guys I come from the advertising industry and have worked in several markets including Chicago and New York City. I have worked with big brands like Coca cola, Citibank, Capital Records, Ford, and the WWE.

So what can I do for you? I have put some of my dentist clients into early retirement. I have also taken no name beauty whole sale companies and have boosted them into high rankings and have created several brick and mortar store fronts. I have done this in health and nutrition, hydroponics, medical, and many more.
We have applied our strategies to restaurants, and catering companies with great success. Our restaurants have ranked alongside of Grub Hub, Eat 24 and have dominated the web.

Our products also work great with golf and golfing events. If you want to sell some products you have come to the right place. All of our companies are going strong and have returned to the top of the search engine heap month after month.

If you want to get some of our free tips and advice fill out the form on this page. We love to help business owners just like you get great results.

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