LIVE Q & A #2 WordPress Site Speed, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and More

SKIP TO 07:23 for the actual start. The first bit is just us chatting. In this stream we cover changing your domain name, speeding up your site, SEO, affiliate earnings and more. We also do some great site reviews!


  1. MobiCompare says:

    Once more time you created a cool website and I have also created this website using same tool.

  2. Another Dude says:

    How do you add social media icons on the page when using kingdom theme? I’ve seen the icons in the theme, I’m just struggling on how to add them. 😀 Thanks

  3. Abdel Hafid says:

    Great content as always chears mate

  4. Clockunion says:

    Alex, can you do your review on my site and share some tips on getting traffic, i did watch all your series of traffic videos can you just share some thoughts of yours and do a review on please, Best reagards

  5. aber sabil says:

    Thanks a lot my friend from Tunisia

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