How to write SEO friendly post in WordPress part2-Properly insert Images

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Creating your first blog post in WordPress is really challenging where you have to take care on a basic point – how to be found in web. This is a little bit of challenging as determining the proper keywords for SEO purpose is a crucial part in finding your content from the rest of the others. But there are a lot more things those are needed to take care of in order to discriminate your content from others. Among them, we have discussed about the importance of setting
images in a proper way into your WordPress Website blog post.

All these SEO optimization is a matter of studying well and define your contents properly. In this part of SEO and WordPress site making tutorial for beginners, we have discussed how to properly insert your images into your blog post with right ways to identify it. Surely this will help you in building up your own content, both with setting the featured image and/or using the images into your content. Moreover, we have discussed on what should be the minimum word count within your blog post to rank it higher than others in search engines. A detailed discussion is made in this purpose.

Hope this will aid you in tuning up your own WordPress project. Enjoy Learning!!

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