How To Rank Your Real Estate Website in Google | Real Estate SEO training

How To Rank Your Real Estate Website in Google | Real Estate SEO training
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Mike Hicks Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Investor in tampa bay, Florida

Ranking your website in Google is something that will take time and effort and if you are going to go against companies like Zillow and you need to have a plan. Use long tail keywords in your seo to go after terms to rank your real estate website. Along with long tail keywords, your SEO is impacted by backlinks other websites send to your website. Your website also needs as many posts as possible to keep people on your website so Google will notice the time people spend on your website with it’s crawlers and rank you higher and higher. seo for realtors is important and becoming a real estate seo expert is important for long term growth and lead generation with your real estate online marketing.

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  1. Teddy Smith says:

    Real estate SEO is one of those areas nobody ever mentions but is crazy effective at getting clients. Good video 👍

    • mike hicks says:

      I 100% agree. It’s one of those things where most people either think it is impossible to take down zillow in a month or they think it’s going to be super easy, but it’s definitely very important to long term business growth.

  2. Shop Wya says:

    Great content

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