How to Optimize SEO Metadata for Conversions – Local SEO Live Examples [No B.S. Good SEO Tutorial]

Another #SEOTutorial by Greensboro SEO Pro!

In this video, we take a deeper look into #SEOMetaData.

This is a video about Advanced Title Tag and Meta Description Optimization for #LocalSEO. We contrast #ConversionsOptimization with #SEOOptimization.

Metadata optimization isn’t an “end all be all” #SEOStrategy. But it is an #SEOFundamental worth developing an advanced skill set in.

Here we talk about:
✔ Turning the Tide in the Battle on Page 1 of Google (0:48)
✔ How Conversions Optimization Impacts Search Results (2:04)
✔ “Greensboro” Page Conversions Optimization – Live Example Start (3:36)
✔ Elaborating on Targeting Strategy Across Pages – Live Example Cont’d (6:17)
✔ “Charlotte” Page Conversions Optimization – Live Example Cont’d (8:14)
✔ “Content” Page Conversions Optimization – Live Example Cont’d (10:04)
✔ Quick Look at Homepage Conversions Optimization Penalties (11:25)
✔ “Accounts Near Me” (Greensboro, NC) – Example of SERPs (12:02)
✔ “Accounts NYC” – Examples of Different Ad Copy in SERPs (14:38)
✔ “Marketing Companies” (Greensboro, NC) – Examples SERPs (17:54)
✔ “NYC Marketing Companies” – Examples of Different Ad Copy in SERPs (20:55)
✔ “Business Lawyer Greensboro” – Examples of Different SERPs (22:39)
✔ “NYC Business Lawyer” – Examples of Different Ad Copy in SERPs (23:33)
✔ “Business Consultants” (Greensboro, NC) – Examples of Different SERPs (25:39)
✔ “NYC Business Consultants” – No Good Examples But Leads to Wrap Up (27:51)

This tutorial builds on our Guide to Optimizing Metadata for SEO:

For many local businesses, prioritizing keywords in meta titles and descriptions can lead to quick rankings boosts. Google responds to keywords. But users respond to the right sales techniques. And Google responds to Google.

📈 Lean to ward keywords while you’re working your way up the search results.
💰 Lean toward conversions once you’re on the first page and trying to get to number one.

Best Tips from the Video:
✔ Free
✔ Numbers
✔ Benefits Over Features
✔ Hit Pain Points
✔ Time Factors
✔ Social Proof & Awards
✔ Qualify on SERPs
✔ Good Formatting

This is #GoodSEO.


Some marketing companies get this. Some don’t. It depends on how far down the #SEORabbitHole they’ve gone. Agencies that provide branding and sales are also more likely to get this right.

90% of business owners could get this right, given a bit of guidance.

Hopefully, this video has helped provide some of that guidance.

Obviously, there is always more to say. This video focused on #LocalSEOOptimization. We assumed you knew what website metadata is and how to edit it. We also didn’t venture outside of local search results. Obviously, not everything applies to metadata for #ContentMarketing or #eCommerce.

We have other videos for that stuff. 😉

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