How To Get More Watch Time On Youtube: Tips on Search Optimization and Audience Retention

No, I’m not a huge channel and I’m not really an expert either, but here’s a few things I’ve done with my channel to get a few of my videos to the top of search results and to keep people interested. I hope it helps everybody out!


  1. Peter Beringer Fishing&GunsRevue says:

    Great Tutorial Bro. Let’s go to 1000

  2. Fishin N Stuff says:

    I think that’s was a great video , I was telling a friend the sane thing your video went over but you said it better than me lol , I call those educational videos evergreen videos because I have some a year old that still real up veiws every day , you are right on point brother

  3. Big Man Outdoors says:

    Great info great ideas

  4. Manu Et fish says:

    Salut l’ami très très belle vidéo bravo à toi bonne à bientôt

  5. Shootin' with Uncle Dan says:

    I used to put in tags and descriptions but got lazy I guess. Very good video and great advice.

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