How To Find LSI Keywords And Use Them To Increase Traffic Tutorial in Urdu

Today We Will Learn How To Find LSI Keywords And Use Them To Increase SEO Traffic Tutorial in Urdu . LSI stand for Latent Symantec Keyword is the term of related SEO and Keyword Density.

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First of All you need to Learn Keyword Density, then you will easily understand LSI keyword. LSI is known similar or synonyms words instead of using the keyword again and again.

LSI Keyword is very important to boost your traffic, you can use it in Title Tag, Heading Tag, Paragraph and Also Anchor Text.

You can use many free tools to find LSI keyword, but I recommend you use Google to find LSI keyword.

In this video you will learn about LSI Keyword and usage. So, I hope this video tutorial is helpful and beneficial for you.

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