How To Do Keyword Research For SEO & Content Marketing. Learn How To Create Your Master Keyword List

Want the best keyword research tutorial for 2018? Click & create your master keyword list with this step-by-step kw tutorial.

If you want SEO traffic, you must learn how to do keyword research! The kw research is simply not optional…

My wife and I generate over 8 million visits per year to our personal websites with almost 70% coming from Google organic traffic.

There are two core skills we have honed in order to generate this massive volume of traffic that ultimately turns in the leads and customers for online business.

Skill number one is keyword research and skill number two is content marketing. They act as two sides of the search engine optimization (SEO) coin.

In my previous KW video ( ) I show my exact strategy for keyword research when optimizing an e-commerce store or focusing on content hyper targeted to a specific product.

But today, in this video you’re watching now… I cover the broader strategy where you start with brainstorming keyword ideas and ultimately analyzing those ideas to refine them down and find the keywords creating content on.

If you are beginning your journey in affiliate marketing, this keyword research video is for you! If you are wanting to double down on your content marketing efforts, or you’re starting a 90 day challenge… This video reveals my exact process for finding the topic ideas to create content on for months or years to come.

We start by brainstorming all of the ideas and intent phrases relevant to my main niche. After the brainstorming session we shift onto the computer where we manually expand the list to find keywords that no software or competitors are currently targeting.

This is manual work! Most people don’t do this level of work, which is your opportunity to outwork them strategically. Most people rely on the free Google keyword planner which means most of your competition are all fighting over the only phrases that tool displays.

This is your opportunity to find the keyword phrases that that tool does not displace your competitors!

After manually expanding the keyword list, I show you multiple free tools that will also use automation to expand your keyword list.

You will then learn how to leverage googles keyword planner analyze your massive list of keyword phrases and refining down to the phrases that get monthly search volume.

Finally you will learn how to analyze the phrases that receive traffic for their SEO value. specifically, how to understand the difficulty in ranking for these keyword phrases with this tool:

When you are finished, you will have a master keyword list of phrases that are hyper relevant to your target market, their goals/problems/solutions click and the ones that have the highest likelihood of buyer’s intent behind them.

This will act as your roadmap for your content marketing strategy. You simply begin creating content like it’s your job!

if you are not finding enough content marketing ideas from this keyword research tutorial, this video will show you advanced keyword research strategy to find even more topic ideas:

When you begin content marketing, you will want to be sure you apply the three pillar content marketing strategy as explained in this video:

Finally, as you create your content and begin to lay out your content marketing pieces on your WordPress website, you need to deploy the SEO best practices on each post as I cover in this video series:


  1. Alex Katsanos says:

    Woah Miles awesome stuff! My head is spinning #badass! just wonder if my niche is too narrow? keyword searches gave me no green numbers or are my phrases wrong? Thanks! Alex

  2. Shane Walsh says:

    Brilliant video as always. Really appreciate these. Thanks Miles.

  3. zahra Abdi says:

    This is exactly what I needed for my 90day challenge. I’ve been struggling on finding content to write about for so long so I tried your idea for one node but none of them would potentially give me clicks.:(

  4. J Zen says:

    This is gold! Thank you!

  5. Mark J says:

    I love your video man. I like how you showed us different keyword variations. Water filtration could be a good niche for someone, good job. Here is my question.

    You said something that got me thinking. If there were 3 other affiliate marketers selling the same thing, how would I stand out? Let’s say we all had killer content, great reviews, gorgeous blogs and youtube videos to back up what we’re preaching. How do I keep that buyer on my blog? What tools do I need to make them choose me over the other 2? Do I bundle the purchase with a FREE giveaway? FREE shipping? Discount shipping? Discount offer on the next purchase?

    I am the kind of buyer that’s always looking for a better deal. If blogs 1 and 2 are not offering anything substantial, then I will take my business elsewhere. Now if blog 3 offers something free with my purchase, then obviously blog 3 will get my business. What do you recommend Miles? How would we entice that customer to spend money with us?

    • Miles Beckler says:

      testing is the ultimate key… And remembering that you are not exactly the same personality type as your best visitor/customer. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of building a website how they would want it but their audience is actually different than them. People who spend lots of time and money making pretty websites, when simple arguably ugly websites perform better is a great example.

      In your example, I think a price comparison which it could be a great tool… You recommend a specific product and in that recommendation you show how much it costs at Amazon, real time… How much it costs at Walmart, real time… How much it cost target, real-time… That price comparison widget automatically updates the pricing and when they click on it to go get the cheapest one it’s actually your affiliate link they click on.

      So if they want the cheapest option you’ve not only compared the product but you compare the prices of the product, which is more value than your competitors have offered.

      With that said your competitors will not have killer content, great reviews, gorgeous blogs, and YouTube videos… Very few people in the world of Internet marketing are actually doing the work with excellence! Most people use rubbish content churned out by content mills and non-native English speakers. Most people don’t have the guts to create YouTube videos for every blog post they make… So I think that simple act would get you to stand out above the rest.

      finally, just keep spending time thinking about your audience, their needs, their goals, where they’re at in life… The “how do I add more value to their lives?” question will answer itself eventually if you keep asking it enough

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