How SEO Will Change in 2019 | Ep. #841

In episode #841, we discuss how SEO is going to change in 2019. Tune in to hear what is on
the horizon for Internet marketing.
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[00:27] Today’s Topic: How SEO Will Change in 2019
[00:44] The change is going to regard branding.
[01:05] Over the last few years, the more links you build, the higher your rankings.
[01:25] Links are still powerful, but brands rank and retain their rank long term.
[02:22] If you build a brand, you are virtually indestructible.
[03:05] To build a brand, you need to engage in many different marketing aspects: SEO, social,
content marketing, etc.
[03:25] You used to be able to build a brand through a single channel, but now you need to
leverage every channel you can.
[03:45] SEO alone doesn’t work as well as it used to.
[04:15] Eric got a lead that came in through a YouTube video posted on Facebook.
[04:45] Be patient: you won’t see much action in the first 3-6 months of building your brand.
[05:08] That’s it for today!
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