Google Search Volume | How Many Times is a Keyword Searched Per Month | SEO [11:16]

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Transcript: In this video, I’m gonna answer the question what is Google Search Volume, and once you understand what Google Search Volume is, you’ll be able to better understand how to use that in your search engine optimization efforts, in your content strategy, ideas on what to create videos around blog posts, infographics, social post, paper click ads. It works across the board, so what Google Search Volume is, essentially, and I’m gonna come over here to Google, is when somebody types in a phrase, such as Las Vegas Homes, we’re able to see the search engine results page, which shows us the pages that rank for that term, but each term has a certain number of searches a month, and there’s lots of ways to find this.
When we know how many times that term is searched a month, we can kind of gage whether or not that’s going to be an incredibly valuable keyword for us to target. It might indicate competitive level, a little bit, because if it’s a huge search volume, you have to know you’re gonna have big competition. There are other competition tools to measure that exactly, and you’ll also be able to see where, how many times people are searching it, based on location, based on device. There’s lots of ways to do this.
What you see here on my Google search, underneath here, you see the answer of what the search volume is. 3,600 searches a month. Now, how I get this to show up here, is I’m using Google Chrome, and I have an extension called Keywords Everywhere. I’m not affiliated with this company at all. I just like that I’m able to add it for free. You do have to know, when you add extensions, when you add free plugins, a lot of times, you’re giving permission, and you don’t even realize it, for them to track what you’re doing, and things like that.
Be aware if you’re going to install anything that you know what the terms of service are, and what you’re agreeing to allow them to do, but this is something, I like to have this quick access to it, here, when I’m doing my searches, and so, I set mine up. There’s actually settings, and I set mine up to only show me searches in the United States. I only want to see here in the United States, how many people are typing in the word, let’s just say, “Las Vegas real estate.”
There are 12,100 people searching the term, “Las Vegas real estate”. Did you see what happened a minute ago when I had “Las Vegas homes,” versus “Las Vegas real estate”? The volume’s only coming up with 3,600 a month for that exact match phrase. Las Vegas homes with a pool. That’s not correct. I don’t know why I’m not getting a full data there. Let’s go over. Let me show you a couple other tools here. None of these tools are gonna be perfect, and I will tell you that sometimes, you’ll see zero search volume for a keyword that’s trending. Something in the news, or some type of particular event, or something that’s new. Like, multigenerational homes, or next gen homes are a new thing that they’re building out in Vegas. That might be a trending keyword, if it’s not already established.
When they came out with the infinity pools, or disappearing edge pools and things like that, that was trendy, when it first created. Then, there had to be enough data that they could actually go back and pull that information for. Let’s look at a couple more tools. If I go over here to Google Keyword Planner, this is actually a tool from Google, and it’s free, but the only way to access it is it has to be part of your Google AdWords accounts. You’ve gotta be running Google Ads, or at least have a Google AdWords account set up, even if your ads are paused.

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