Google Search Console Tips: URL Removal Versus 301s

Google Search Console Tips: URL Removal Versus 301s – This is a quick video I am throwing together to help you better understand how do use Google search console.It is not always the best idea to301 every 404 link, Google search console has a special URL where you can request to have your pages removed but only under certain conditions.This feature comes in especially handy after a negative SEO attack here is the attacker try to force index pages that aren’t there.

Google has something called a crawl budget, and that is how much time they will spend crawling your site based upon how important and they perceive it to be, This is how you can get the most After a negative search engine optimization attack.

0:47 Remove outdated content –
1:17 How to find a possible fake google crawler
7:00 What is a crawl budget?
9:30 Getting a thank you from Google
10:30 Why your removal requests get denied
14:00 When a 301 in needed because of a changed CMD
19:00 301 or not?
45:03 why you aren’t getting credit for 75% of your JV ZOO links

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