Etsy SEO MISTAKES: Every Etsy seller does at least ONE of these

Please watch the entire video and ask any questions below.

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  1. AddToCart says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. Grab any of my eBooks or Courses here:

    • AddToCart says:

      @Richard B wow! I reported the listing and the shop. I found all their products on aliexpress…..

    • Richard B says:

      Wow! Sellers listing Alibaba t-shirts. How bow dah?

  2. Zhivko Kanazirski says:

    I have some listings that are bad . By saying “kill them ” do you mean fix renew or delete ? Also if I delete big amount of bad listings let say 20% of all the listings I have is it going to hurt me in some way ? Thanks

    • AddToCart says:

      deactivate. never delete because then you cant go back and look at the stats if you want to. No, dont kill all of the bad all at once. As you kill, replace. Otherwise your views will drop 🙂

  3. sophienocturne says:

    Hi Dave, you mention that an old listing could be one that hasn’t been renewed in 2-3 weeks – I usually list my items and let Etsy automatically renew them, do you recommend manually renewing them more frequently? Thanks 🙂

    • sophienocturne says:

      AddToCart Thanks for replying! I’ll make sure to renew them more frequently then 😊 love your videos.

    • AddToCart says:

      Yes the couple month period that etsy auto renews on is wayyyyy too long and will really let your listings start to grow mold.

  4. G Morgan says:

    What if FREE SHIPPING is at the very end of the title? I have a hard time with SEO in my niche market.
    Misspellings in my shop are only because ERank and Marmalead misspell what I make all the time (I think it is because it is a “foreign” word and neither recognize it). AND my clients use those misspellings… As far as ‘shitty’ listings, my original items are not what I make now, but they are still looked at & faved often.

  5. Lind Mar says:

    What is actually considered a “bad” listing? I have some that I have only sold one or two times but I was told I should never kill a listing that has been sold. Is there an amount that should be sold? If the sales are low should we just deactivate it?

    • AddToCart says:

      You have to think about the context! Theres no set number for all shops. If youre a small shop then a good listings stats good be a big shops’ “bad listing” stats. Make sense? You have to evaluate it case by case in the correct context for your shops size, niche, etc. 🤗 I hope that helps !!!