Etsy SEO changes 2018, and why you don’t need to change anything.

After an SEO Q&A with Etsy admins yesterday, I decided to do this video because it affects a bunch of the videos I’ve done on SEO in the past.

They said that Etsy is no longer weighting the front of your titles as being “better” than the other parts, so it doesn’t matter where you put your keywords in the title anymore. HOWEVER, the front is still the best place to put your most important and relevant keywords because of the way that the listing quality score is based on the customer’s activity on the listing. The information that Etsy customers see after they search for something is the very first part of the title and your photo, so you want to make sure that those parts are clear, accurate, and let people know what they’re buying. So if you’ve been putting the best keywords at the front of your title, you should keep doing that so that the customer experience is better.

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  1. Tann Tataryn says:

    screen is blurry so hard to read the titles…thanks for the good video.

    • Kara Buntin says:

      If you click on the youtube settings and choose HD 1080 it could help. I’ve had that problem on some videos and when I change it it looks more clear.

  2. Gena Newton says:

    Thanks for the videos! What about words on the main picture, would you think that that would interfere like having a “prop” in the picture would?

  3. Hey It’s Liz says:

    What holiday attribute would you use when selling silk flowers?

    • Kara Buntin says:

      If it’s something like a poinsettia that’s traditionally Christmas-related use Christmas. If it’s something that’s used to decorate for traditional holidays you could use that, but for most silk flowers I’d just leave a holiday off and not choose one.

  4. Southern Belles Like Big Bows says:

    Thanks, this was short and sweet and very helpful! How are we going to fit those long tailed keywords in if they shorten our title box in the future!!! I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it!

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