Dreamweaver CS5 tutorial lesson create your first webpage how to build SEO html5 tags vs CSS rules

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Learn to build a professional html5 css3 based search engine friendly webpage and website solution. In depth dreamweaver tutoring lesson – expand your knowledge and understand the difference between html tags, class tags and css rules. Benefit from my 25 years of real world Adobe training experience – in the next video i explain div id tags and class tags


  1. Think Learn Earn Web Development says:

    Good day… Question are always welcomed and good – but… dont over think
    it – it does what it does.. it is what it is… dont apply ZEN logic or the
    meaning of life logic… its not rocket science… Its a website : Carpe
    Diem- Robert – KIS (Keep It Simple)

  2. walshb9420 says:

    Sorry I have a tenancy to ask a lot of questions! #novice

  3. Think Learn Earn Web Development says:

    PART TWO dont call your ID’s where they are located call them what they
    content example: branding ID name for div tag – contains the logo, the
    tagline the phone, for the site it self etc etc- dont read to much into it-
    just follow my simple plan… Carpe Diem

  4. Think Learn Earn Web Development says:

    PART ONE every tag on the page is an html tag – but the actual html tag
    defines the type of page for the – web browsers, firefox, chrome etc – keep
    it simple.. a div tag is just a defined html tag , just like body, img, h1,
    h2 and ANY tag can have an ID – example #wrapper can be used as a div tag
    ID name to wrap the entire site –

  5. walshb9420 says:

    Ok that all makes perfect sense but I’ll ask one question. What is the
    difference between div tags and html tags or is there any fundamental

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