Clickminded SEO Course Review & Coupon Code! Is This The Best Search Engine Optimization Course?

Finding an SEO course that works is key to your long term success online… But who can you trust? There are many shady SEO courses, so be sure to watch this review first!

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For Melanie and I, search engine optimization has been one of the key skills we have learned to achieve the levels of success we enjoy, today.

From keyword research to on-site technical optimization and link building, search engine optimization covers a wide array of topics.

To many, it seems overwhelming or scary to even get started…

But in all honesty, it is easy.

I took the long way to learn all this by spending months, possibly years reading forum discussions, watching random YouTube videos and by simply pushing forward with trial and error.

This Clickminded course takes the learning curve and compresses it down to a few hours for you to go from being confused or overwhelmed about search engine optimization to be confident and competent as an SEO.

Whether you are brand new or a seasoned veteran of SEO, this course will give you what you need to get your traffic from Google, YouTube, Pinterest even Amazon, to the next level!

Having a clear roadmap to follow in order to achieve success with your SEO is key… And the clickminded course is exactly that!


  1. Russell Semenov says:


    Thank you for recommendation!
    In your opinion, how does this class compare to the “authority hacker” guys and their model? I know you’ve mentioned them in your videos/comments, the silos approach etc.
    the reason Im asking is because they also offer a course, which is more expensive than this one.
    Any thoughts?

    Oh, and when you have a chance, could you please find out which LMS he is using ? 🙂 thanks!

    • Russell Semenov says:

      Thank you Miles!

    • Miles Beckler says:

      Great question about Authority Hacker and what the difference is… Because they both are great courses and I use them both for different reasons.

      This course is extremely focused on helping you optimize your site for the search engines at a level that is going to put you in the top 1% of sites in your niche when it comes to technical optimization.

      It is a deep dive on that one subject and covers absolutely everything.

      The AH content is a bit wider in scope and not nearly as deep… They cover a lot more about how to choose a niche, and topics like how to hire a writer and how to outsource the content creation.

      I think that for someone who has found their niche and their ‘voice’ already through publishing content, this SEO course will be of greater value since it is so top-shelf.

      Also for someone who has an existing small business, local business, coaching/consulting practice, etc… This is going to to be the 20% of ‘how to’ that will help you leapfrog 80+% of your competitors… Obviously one must add content for these techniques to work.

      For someone still trying to figure out their niche and how to get started and wants ‘how to’ information on other topics like email marketing, lead magnets, monetization, display ads, info-product creation and more… That is where Authority Hacker Pro comes in.

      His course is like a masters degree on one topic… The AH course is more like the general ed that covers a broader range of topics but not as deep.

      He is on Teachable for the LMS…

    • Russell Semenov says:

      i think the LMS is – teachable

  2. muncheasy says:

    Miles, you’re an absolute machine! Every video just keeps getting better and better!
    Do you have any videos about email outreach?

    • Miles Beckler says:

      like cold emailing people? For what purpose… Or maybe a better question, what are you trying to sell?

  3. Donna Harris says:

    Miles can I get your humble opinion? Someone JUST starting their marketing would you say FB ads or SEO? I have got my website live and 1 product created and working on a few affiliates but not sure if I should invest in SEO or FB ads. Being a family caregiver I have limited funds but know that I must invest in myself so I want to be wise and put what funds I have in the right place. Thank you Miles. Your emails and videos are so very helpful. Makes me always STOP and THINK.

    • Donna Harris says:

      Thank you Miles. You answered my question. I am NOT in love with writing because its hard for me but the people need to know the info for caregiving so I think SEO is the thing. I am going to work hard at finding the funds to purchase this course. I did pay 4,000.00 of 8,000 for a SEO course (OMG Project Assimilation) until I ran out of credit but the information was hitting me so hard, fast and from several different teachers all with their own ideas that it was overwhelming to say the least. They were GREAT trainers but it was way overwhelming. So I am anxious to find the funds for this course.

    • Miles Beckler says:

      So the one reason I love SEO for bootstrapping is because you can leverage effort instead of ‘ad budgets’…. Facebook PPC requires the cost of the course and the cost of ad spend to test and tweak… It took me thousands in ad spend to get my first campaigns to show signs of cost effective leads.

      With SEO you can power out great blog post after blog post and publish them in a way that Google falls in love with your site and content so your posts end up as traffic getting assets….

      But you need to enjoy writing to go after blogging and SEO… Or you can do videos and put a system or team in place to write out the content from the videos.

      So a great question is… Are you more interested in putting in effort or ad budgets?

  4. Daniel Stoner says:

    Hi miles,would you recommend a afflaite marketing tracker if so which one

  5. Daniel Douglas says:

    Hey Miles, good looking out for us all. I’m a newby member of AHP crafting my first site currently, this is going to take tiiiiiiiiiime to yield some cash and I am looking at doing SEO, AdWords and retargeting service work for local business to learn and make money while growing the business. So I guess my question is, are the skills learnt from this certification saleable assets to optimise clients sites for local and ecommerce / content marketing for example. From what I understood this is being angled to existing owners of money sites and services. Once again, thanks for being you. You have and continue to be a great inspiration to me. Dan

    • Daniel Douglas says:

      Thanks Miles, I Absolutely, whole heartedly, 100 percent appreciate you taking the timeout to ready, consider and reply to my question(s). Woke up this morning anticipating your reply and guidance. Steeling that as my future hook. These are the exact skills (tactics) that ever small business online needed to survive, or get left in the dust. Regards Daniel Douglas

    • Miles Beckler says:

      My pleasure Daniel! For someone who made his first $100k online selling SEO services (and basic wordpress services) to small businesses… It is an absolute YES. These are the exact skills that every small and local business needs to survive or they will get left in the dust.

      This interview gets into it: but kind of a higher overview level… All the how to nuts and bolts are in Tommy’s course.

      Selling SEO and marketing services to small business is still, in my opinion, the fastest way to go full time as a digital entrepreneur…

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