Clickbank for beginners: How to promote Clickbank products with SEO [2019]

This will break down my Clickbank beginners strategy that I will be using with SEO this year for a new niche site. This video will cover exactly how I am planning to promote the Clickbank products I have chosen as well as how I will structure my site for success.

I have realized that when you are promoting Clickbank products you do not need a lot of pages on your site but instead need to be more strategic in your approach. This Clickbank for beginners tutorial will show you everything I know to date.

If you are on the fence about Clickbank or any other affiliate network then watch this video till the end as you are guaranteed to learn a lot!

All of the resources and tools I regularly use for SEO have been listed below:

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Franklin Hatchett – Affiliate marketing(savage affiliates):

💻Keyword Research Tool: (20%OFF discount code: KSDISC)

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