Can you break SEO forever? SEO help for Etsy, Google – How to start a business

The one thing I’ve learned about SEO since 2006. Let’s discuss.


  1. Gabby Flying Chef says:

    But your brains are even prettier!

  2. Gabby Flying Chef says:

    LOOK at that hair!!!!! Whoa! So fab, so 80’s, so Dynasty! Love it!

  3. Mandie Atkins says:

    Yes, please!

  4. Kimberly Zamlich says:

    Is this covered in HTU? I am signed up but am starting; due to many life obstacles, I am slow. Can you go thru HOW TO INSTALL, USE, INTERPRET analytics? Walk us thru a few examples? Thank you, thank you, Renae!! PS: how is the cute dog you have been dogsitting?

    • Kimberly Zamlich says:

      THANK YOU! And YAY I’m in Artchitect!! You are the BEST!

    • Renae Christine says:

      You can take as much time as you need for HTU Kimberly- no rush at all 😀 – we don’t go through this currently in HTU, but we do cover a bit in Architect. We’ll see about doing one about using analytics though- no promises though. It’s a meaty subject!!

  5. SALTED Design Studio says:

    more SEO, never enough SEO for Etsy & Site… <3

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