Anchor Text & SEO: How to Optimize Link Anchor Text for More Traffic (2018)

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The goal of this video is to teach you everything you need to know about anchor text, how to use it correctly, and how to make the most out of it to improve your SEO.

The ideal outcome is that your internal links and backlinks will be created using the right anchor texts, giving you a boost in rankings.

This is important because anchor texts are prone to both under and over-optimization.

You’ll have to do this with all the links on your site, as well as the links pointing to your site on other sites.

The person that should be doing this is your copywriter or content writer—but if you’re a small team, it can be you as well.

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  1. Ryan Soper-Powell says:

    Fantastic video Tommy. Really useful tips and a valuable recap, thanks.

  2. Luke Westwood says:

    Hi Tommy, loving your videos. I would like to suggest putting your camera at eye level. I’m a body language trainer and it feels a bit uncomfortable looking up at you as a viewer. Hope you don’t mind my feedback and finding your videos really useful. Luke

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