Advanced SEO – get Google Hummingbird to work for you (2019)

SEO keeps getting more and more complex with Google making its algorithm smarter at every turn. Like it did when it released the Hummingbird upgrade. However, after watching this video you’ll have the power to use it for your advantage.

In SEO, there’s an inescapable truth: Content is King. You may ask, content? Is content part of SEO? Isn’t SEO using keywords, setting the metadata and applying a form of writing? Yes, and also add content.

You see, a while back Google released an upgrade called Hummingbird, the biggest upgrade since 2001. I quote: “Hummingbird considers the context of the different words together, with the goal that pages matching the meaning do better, rather than pages matching just a few words.”

This means that Hummingbird’s AI has a broader scope as it can include context to content. This will give keyword sentences or short phrases more power in the search. And this will also allow particular pages to show up instead of the main domain.

This upgrade to the algorithm came with benefits and responsibilities. We’re benefited by the power of long-tailed keywords, which cater to content optimization and not just keywords.

And in the responsibilities column, we have to make effective use of technical website features. Examples like page linking, on-page elements including title tags, URL addresses and HTML tags, as well as writing high-quality, relevant content without duplication

On this video, I’ll show you how you can get Hummingbird to work for you in the ranking.

Advanced SEO: get Google Hummingbird to work for you (2019)


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