5 Step Process To Combine PPC, SEO, and Social Media Strategies – SEO & Google Ads Technique

Check out our digital marketing strategy video where we cover 5 Step Process To Combine your PPC Advertising, SEO, and Social Media Strategy. This is a simple Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads and Bing Ads strategy that will also incorporate social media marketing as well. What you want to do is use this strategy and continue to use this process over the course of time, which will help you increase traffic to your business website and solve your customer’s problems with the use of content.

If you are looking for a SEO and PPC strategy that you can use long-term to help grow your business, look no further. Our goal is to give you a SEO and PPC integration so they will be working together to grow your business in 2019 and beyond.

Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial 2019:

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5-Step Marketing Process:

1. Find relevant keywords for your business

You can use your Google Ads account to find recommended keywords or use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords for your business. Either method is worthwhile and you can find Search Engine Optimization keywords and PPC Advertising keywords that you can target in your Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns. When you are looking to combine your Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords efforts, keyword targeting is where you want to start.

2. Create high-quality content for long-tail keywords

The best SEO tip I can give you is to consistently create great content around your top keywords. You want to focus on short-tail and long-tail keywords so you can be present in the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs) and drive relevant traffic to your business. Of course, you need a user-friendly website, a mobile-friendly website, and backlinks to help Google index your website higher, but website content is a key component to any website that ranks high.

3. Create Ad Groups in Google Ads and Bing Ads and target the keywords for the content and landing pages you create

Once you create landing pages and content for your top keywords, you want to target keywords and drive relevant and targeted traffic to your landing pages. You can create separate Ad Groups and Ads for each landing page, which will help with the quality score as well.

4. Share your content on social media

You created great content, now you need to share it on social media. That will help more people find your content and find the solutions that you are presenting for their problems.

5. Use Remarketing to capture people who have not converted yet

Once you start driving a lot of traffic for people who show interest in your business, you want to use Remarketing and Retargeting to reach them and encourage them to purchase from your business. If you can segment specific customers by the pages they visit, you can serve custom ads that will be personalized to the actual problems they are experiencing with a solution for their problems.


  1. Leo S basebybase7 says:

    I have a question I seen a few of your videos I’m also subscriber. My Google ad words account has been suspended first it was said because it was circumvented I appealed that Now it says a payment process. Do you guys know how to get out of that? Thanks in advance have a good day

    • Leo S basebybase7 says:

      Surfside PPC Thank you I really appreciate you responding have a great weekend

    • Surfside PPC says:

      I generally use a credit card for my payment method and I haven’t had any issues. I had a client account temporarily suspended once because their credit card expired, but that was fixed with an updated card. Generally, accounts are suspended for Link Cloaking, Ads Against Policies, or Billing Issues. Here is their policy:

  2. Surfside PPC says:

    Please let me know if you have any questions about how to combine SEO and PPC and incorporate your social media marketing strategy as well. This is a simple digital marketing strategy video that will help you drive more traffic to your business website. The key is to continue to create high-quality content on your website and use that content to improve your Google Ads campaigns and drive additional traffic to your website with social media as well. Thanks for watching my video!