10 SEO & Amazon Listing Optimization MISTAKES Amazon Sellers Make (#4 is Fatal!)

Stop leaving money on the table:

You get a brilliant product idea from an Asteroid Aim video, you sample, source, ship to Amazon, and you get your listing up only to leave the listing as… an unoptimized mess?!

Here are 10 common SEO mistakes that Amazon sellers make when optimizing their listings.

1. The main photo isn’t on white.

2. It’s suppressed.

3. There’s no price drop.

4. The product is too cheap and becomes an Add-on item.

5. Split parent-child relationships.

6. They don’t max out their character limits.

7. The listing has redundant keywords.

8. FDA violations.

9. Points outside of Amazon.

10. The description doesn’t use HTML.

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  1. Christian Soriaga says:

    Great video! Only thing with Amazon EBC you need to be a trademarked business with a patent backed by the US patent office which takes months and a lot of money to get.

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