#1 rank across the US for the “SEO Reseller Plans” keyword | Check-in #21

Today, my goals are to:

Get check in video created
Send 7 connection requests to seemingly qualified ecommerce prospects on linkedin
Keyword research for seo reseller plans page
Get the freaking video file created for the testimonial
SEO implementation

My 21th check-in video for March 12th, 2019.

The idea of my check-in business vlog series is to document my progress, challenges, and successes when it comes to business, content, family, fitness, and more. Trying the whole daily vlogging for business thing.

Some links to learn more about things mentioned in the video:
SEOak, my SEO business:
My SEO Reseller Plans page:


  1. Silly Reviews says:

    Is that a Sega Genesis behind your right shoulder?

  2. The1Hope says:

    So what’s your strategy to turning “Rank” into “Rake” ($$$) It’s cool to say you’re number one and all, but unless it’s followed by $$$ then it’ll just be a fun fact 🙂

  3. RJ En says:

    I’m waiting on the video when you can do that intro while looking at the camera. lol.
    Title is exciting. I hope you can monetize that ranking. $$$$$$$
    I tested that search in my normal browser and in incognito and you came up first.
    I’ll make a testimonial video for you. It may not be about seo though.
    Pause: I’m supposed to be going to the Pels game with my lil bro tonight. My goal is to have a nice time and root the Pels on to victory.
    Good video and Good Luck!

    • Jeff Couret says:

      I recently made a change. Eventually, I’ll get it memorized. Even professionals need teleprompters, lol.

      I hope I can monetize the ranking, too. I know the page converts. I’m sure there are a boatload of possible improvement I can make, though.

      Glad to hear you got the same rank on your testing!

      Testimonialize me, bro.

      Oh snap. Pels game! That’s your first one in years, right? That’s awesome. I’m hoping to see some good stuff out of our new guy Beltran. And AD should be playing a bit so you might get to see some good plays. Too bad Jrue’s still out.

      Thanks for the comments and the continued support!